Friday, 2 May 2014

May First's and Mystery Animal Revealed

May First's and Mystery Animal Revealed
Yesterday marked May 1st, which for many here in Melville marks the end of the busy tax season, so congratulations! Time for a well-deserved break!

May 1st also marked the beginning of tick season as I found one on Raven, her first of 2014. I won't be posting any pictures, because I find them really gross, but here is a link on How to Remove a Tick from your Dog. Unfortunately, I have had to refer to this website 3 times in the past year, as the ticks really seem to love Raven. As a result, I've gotten pretty familiar with the routine for removing a tick and the steps you should take in Nova Scotia. Because ticks transmit Lyme Disease, a potential fatal and reportable communicable disease, the government advises containing the tick for 72 hours after removal (Raven's little pest is sitting in a jar by the door...), watching for symptoms and inspecting the bite site for any changes (Lyme Disease in Nova Scotia). If after 3 days no symptoms show up, the tick can be destroyed, my preferred method is burning, so it will be into the fire pit. The PDF link also has some really great tips for protecting yourself from tick bites, like wearing enclosed shoes, tucking your pants into your socks and shirt into your pants. Avoiding tall grasses or heavily wooded areas and inspecting yourself with a mirror after being outside for any little unwelcome visitors that may have hitched a ride.

Although it was not on May 1st, on Tuesday of this week I was driving back to Melville and saw for the first time some wild turkeys! To be fair, I have seen wild turkeys before, while on a road trip through Montana, but these were the first in Canada! My pictures are really poor as I caught a couple on my cell phone, so sorry, none to post.

Speaking of first sights of animals in Melville, the mystery animal from last week's post made an appearance in the newspaper! Local authorities in the Miramichi had some trouble with a confused beaver causing traffic delays in the town and it was aggressive towards motorists and officers. So the mystery animal has been revealed! I have never seen a beaver before last week, not even at the wildlife park! Again, I'm sorry, but no pictures as the large member of the rodent family seems shy now and has made no more appearances in Melville since.

Since I did not post any pictures this post, let's declare Friday as throw back sunset day and you can enjoy this sunset taken in April of 2012.

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