Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Welcome Sophie!

Welcome Sophie! 
Melville has been hit by a whirlwind of chocolate chaos, as we welcome Sophie!

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided to take mom a little chocolate surprise while on spring break in Calgary. Raven and I took Sophie out on the plane when she was only 8 weeks old and now it is fair to say that she is not so little anymore!

Sophie has brought so much new energy to Melville, exploring the beach and fields, listening to the birds, meeting new people, snacking on dandelions (apparently a new delicacy, which I think I will let Sophie enjoy all on her own!) And of course doing what all puppies do best; playing with such un-coordination that it makes you both dizzy and a fit full of giggles as she bounces around Melville!

Raven has been very receptive of Sophie's antics, bounding back gently when Sophie nips or tugs on her ears and playing the way only dogs know how. Raven has also accepted the mentor role and is showing Sophie the ropes of Melville, the best sticks to chew up, how to retrieve balls and if you steal treats, you may not get more.

We cannot wait to see what Sophie explores next, but for now it's time for a nap so she can re-fuel for more running, swimming and bouncing around Melville tomorrow!

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