Thursday, 14 June 2012

Summer's Coming!

Summer's Coming!
Summer is definitely on it's way and evident when mom and I found this guy on the beach Monday night. The lobster traps are still out in the straight and the jellyfish have started to make their way in, washing up on the beach as the tide goes out. While the ones we found had no stingers or nematocysts (Wikipedia), we'll have to watch ourselves swimming in the ocean as they can provide quite the shock - from a numbing sensation to anaphylaxis in some people - if you unexpectedly run into one! This jellyfish was an average sized one, but some can measure up to 7ft in diameter across the bell!!! (World's Largest Jellyfish) Yikes!

This morning was my first time taking out the ride on mower and giving the lawn a little TLC. As I made my way down towards the path that leads to the beach I found these beautiful Iris flowers. Wikipedia tells us that the name for an Iris comes from the Greek word for Rainbow describing the variety of colours that they bloom in - between 200-360 colours!!

In the driveway gardens there are more blooms bringing in summer, above are Mandarin Azaleas and below the Lilacs are bursting in colour as well!

And to leave you with a smile, another absolutely beautiful Melville Sunset!

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