Saturday, 30 June 2012

Canada Day Long Weekend!

Canada Day Long Weekend!
Happy Canada Day everyone! Looking at theweathernetwork it looks as if the whole country is in for some warm weather this long weekend and a chance to get out an enjoy some sunshine! The forecast for Melville this weekend is predicted to reach a high of 23 deg C and sunny skies! 

It must be July in Melville as the seaweed has started piling up on the shore! While a nuisance to beach goers, seaweed has played an important role in the food industry for many centuries in a variety of coastal countries (Wikipedia). When you think of eating seaweed, sushi likely comes to mind and the Nori that it is wrapped in however, there are over 10,000 species of seaweed world wide! (Types of Seaweed). Because of it's gelatinous abilities, dairy producers have used seaweed in tasty products such as ice-cream too!

During mom's walk the other day, she found more signs of a wild summer in Melville! Above a single daisy (another flower with over 22,000 variations!) and below a wild rose making it's debut!

Mom has such an eye for fossils while beach combing in Melville and found a few more pictured above and below! Going to have to check in with her on the one above, but the one below distinctly looks like a few leaves.

Finally, mom caught up with the killdeer chicks and captured this one exploring it's way through the ditch in Melville!

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