Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend
With Good Friday falling on one of my class days this week, I only had lectures on Monday and Tuesday morning and took the opportunity to find some much needed Melville time and familiar ground for Easter! It was a long drive yesterday afternoon and while I was busy with my focus on the road, Raven took the time to catch up on her zzzzzs!

The drive was not uneventful, just past Earltown on the 326 North, we found an overturned car in the ditch upside down. After calling 911 and being instructed to check the car for people, we luckily found none. Emergency Hospital Services (EHS) was sent on scene anyway just to be sure and to mark the car for future motorists to know that the accident had been called in. The roads were certainly slippery last night with the freezing rain and the overturned car is a reminder to all to adjust your driving, use common sense and take those turns nice and slow!

Once we arrived in Melville, Raven was in absolute Heaven! I have never seen a dog run and frolic so much! She was like a black blur bounding up and down through the snow drifts. At one point she disappeared out on the lawn and returned proudly with the stick she had found on the beach at Christmas! Makes me smile thinking that our four-legged friends that have passed and are looking over our Apple Orchard are having just as much fun here in Melville even though we may not get to see them everyday. 

While the house took it's time warming up last night (brrr was it cold!) I went out to the shed and started a fire to get warm and cozy up with the last few chapters of my book. I am reading Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda, if anyone is looking for a good read!

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