Monday, 17 December 2012

The Arrival of Raven

The Arrival of Raven
Finals are over and I arrived in Melville for the Christmas break on Friday, but not alone! This is Raven!

Raven is my new 2 year old black lab that I got from a family member who breeds labs in the valley. Unfortunately Raven couldn't get her hip certified for breeding, but she's a CKC registered purebred and learning a lot! Raven was previously an outdoor dog, with a run and an insulated house, she has been inside for the last couple of weeks, learning the basics from the basement about human life, but here in Melville she is getting used to a whole new routine! She has learned really quickly that TV's are noisy and make all kinds of sounds, coasters are not the best things to put in your mouth and no matter how many times you 'fetch' the TV remote, I will not throw it for you to retrieve it!

The best part about Melville for any dog is the freedom to run along the beach without a leash, find sticks to play with and birds to chase, maybe even a seal or two to bark with! Above Raven is exploring the beach for the very first time! She was a little timid at first, staying close to my side and not going more than 3 ft. in front of me, but she's starting to get more comfortable with the thrill of running along the water's edge and sneaking up on nonchalant seagulls on the bedrock!

Christmas preparations are beginning, our tree arrived yesterday and we will be putting it up once everyone arrives on the weekend! Mother Nature is also doing her part by bringing in the white stuff making sure that we get a classic White Christmas in Melville!

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