Saturday, 15 June 2013

Garden Spades

Garden Spades
Today in Melville we spent the entire day outside as it was a gorgeous 25 degrees, sunny and blue skies all day! The gardens needed a little TLC and so we set to work sprucing up the landscape (no pun intended).

Above mom's planters on the staircases are in full bloom, with Fuschia flowers blossoming everyday and new buds ready to open after the rain we had last week. Like the Caribbean Hibiscus, this delightful little flower is a Northern relative bringing us a tropical spirit to go with the warm summer days!

Here, mom used her green thumb and ingenuity to build an Impatiens tower. The planter above has been left to fill out for about a week and the newly planted tower we put together today will have to play catch up, but I'm sure will look just as beautiful! Interestingly, this particular flower is known
well throughout North America for it's frost intolerance and originates to our gardens from East Africa (SF Gate)

Below is Maggie and Tj's garden, our brittany spaniel and bichon frise who look over us in Melville. Their garden is a little tricky as they are in a part of the lawn that gets a lot of moisture and the mud below is quite literally clay. (Sky Nursery has some great solutions, if you are trying to garden around clay too!) We went to Tatamagouche earlier this week and picked up some assorted flowers to adorn this special garden, including Forget-me-Nots, notably named as a way to remember loved ones (Wikipedia).
There are so many chives in the garden this year that we really do not know what to do with them all! If you know of any great uses, please comment below and we will give them a try and post your suggestions :)

With the amount of rain that Nova Scotia has seen in past weeks, it is no surprise that these fungi have made an appearance in the gardens at Melville. While I do not think that we will be eating these mushrooms, Reader's Digest has published studies proving that a regular diet of their cousin's, portobello mushrooms will reduce the risks of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men!

Raven also gave us a hand gardening today! While she was not able to help put any of the plants in the ground, she put her retrieving talents to work, bringing the spade to us wherever we needed help in the garden!

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