Wednesday, 16 April 2014

'M' is for Mud!

'M' is for Mud! 
It is Spring here in Melville, which basically equates to mud season! Raven and I headed out for our first walk in Melville since Christmas and with so much pent up excitement in four months of Melville withdrawal, it was only natural that she taking a running leap off the banks, soar through the salty wind blowing off the straight and SPLAT! Right into the aftermath of a mini-mudslide on the beach from the shoreline. You may have heard recently in the news about the fatal mudslide that took place in Washington and the accompanying article determining your areas risk of mudslides.

In my efforts to rescue Raven from her mis-adventure, I ended up almost knee deep in mud myself and decided to abort the mission encouraging Raven to get herself out of her muddy mess!

She did manage to free herself and we continued to romp around Melville, although a little more cautiously. In the field, free of mud albeit a little soggy, we found a golf ball, but it did not take long for it to succumb to the mud of Melville either…

I cannot remember the roads in Melville ever being this muddy. They are so soft in fact, that you literally 'bounce' when walking on them in rubber boots. So if you need some motivation after that long snowy winter, walk around in Melville and you'll get a little "Spring" in your step! 

Just be sure to bring a towel or you'll be out in the garage with Raven until you dry off! 

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