Thursday, 30 August 2012

Labour Day Weekend!

Labour Day Weekend!
I arrived in Melville on Tuesday after spending a fantastic, exciting and absolutely eye-opening summer in Calgary! School starts next week, but not before enjoying a few well deserved vacation days in Melville at the beach!

All these photos are credited to my mother, who captured above Mr. Tucker, receiving a very satisfying back rub from my brother!

We took a long walk down the beach and found this guy standing at the end of someone's beach staircase, advising of a 'daily event' that is sure to draw some attention!

As we rounded the point we received an announcing presence and captured these seals lounging away the afternoon! Quite a few pups were born this summer and were very curious as we approached with the dogs, leaving the rocks and coming over to where we were walking! This is a great time of year for the seals, as the fishing boats are out catching herring and the seals trail along looking for an easy summer dinner ;)

Just as we started to head up to the house, we found the killdeer chicks, which have done some growing up over the summer! All four have made it and are thriving well, hunting and working together to scale the bedrocks along the beach!

We're off to have some dinner and kick-off this labour day weekend! Enjoy yours and send off summer with a bang!

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