Monday, 3 September 2012

Nectar Lovers

Nectar Lovers
Labour Day weekend in Melville is typically the weekend when the parties end and cottages get packed up for the winter. I captured these busy bumblebees collecting the last bit of this season's nectar to take back to their hives in preparation for their winter too!

There are over 400 species of bees in the Canada!! (Halifax Garden Network) and while I am terrified of them getting too close (hence the telescopic lens to capture these pictures!) they are crucial to the agriculture found in our backyards and for produce nationwide.

Another nectar lover in Melville are the Hummingbirds that whizz past looking for something sweet to dip into as well! The name of the hummingbird originated from the unique sound they make as they fly or hover nearby, beating their wings 12-80 times per second! (Wikipedia)

Hummingbirds will additionally gather nutrients and proteins from insects close to their nests amongst the trees and conserve their energy for flying by reducing their metabolic rates down to 1/15th of normal rate during rest and sleep periods!

To send your summer off, I will leave you with a relaxing shot of the crisp waters of the North Cumberland Strait!

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