Thursday, 3 May 2012

Barney and Lobsters

As mentioned before, Melville is not just home for us, but for many birds and wildlife too! One bird that makes an appearance every year is a male pheasant whom my mom has named Barney. This morning, Barney decided to make a run across the lawn and just as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared into the long grass. My brother was able to capture these shots with his SLR before he scooted away!

Wikipedia tells us that Barney is a common pheasant native to Georgia and was introduced to other parts of North America and Europe for gaming purposes. Although, I think Barney is pretty safe here!

May 1st in Melville marked the beginning of lobster season in district 26a in Nova Scotia. The straight now has so many buoys in it that, as my dad stated "Those lobsters don't stand a chance!" Sure to make an appearance on some dinner plates in Melville!

These two lobster traps below adorn our driveway, differing slightly from the modern traps used on the waters, but remind us of the culture in Melville and our support of the local economy!

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