Saturday, 19 May 2012

Spring Blooms!

Spring Blooms!
I made it back to Melville for the long weekend and arrived to a warm sea breeze in the evening and another colour filled Melville sunset!

Today is going to be another beautiful spring day, with blue skies, birds singing and the sun shining down, putting us at 21 deg, at only 11 o'clock in the morning!

I'm happy to report that our little Killdeer plover has had her chicks! They have made their way down to the beach and we were unable to capture any pictures because of their speed, but all four made it! As far as the nest, there are no signs that she had even been there over the last month.

Instead I took out mom's camera to capture these beautiful springs blooms that have blossomed around the gardens. The first picture is of mom's Clematis and the second of some purple rock cress.

I am not sure of the names of the yellow flower above or the little pinkish flower below are called, but I think it is funny how the pinkish flower blooms to look like there is a piece missing from the edge of the petals.

Our apple trees in the orchard are also in full bloom, even the little saplings! I did not get too close, because the bees are also taking full advantage of the spring blossoms and I am terrified of anything that has the potential to sting me!

 Hope you are enjoying the spring blooms wherever you are! Happy Victoria Day!

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