Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Beach Walk

Sunday Beach Walk
Sunday started off with blue skies and another sunny day shining through Melville! I headed into River John with my grandfather for some breakfast and then went for a Sunday stroll with mom down along the beach.

We picked up two potted baskets and replanted them into these tin planters for the stairs yesterday and below are mom's succulent plants in the front garden along the driveway. The succulent plant, as the name suggest offers succulence in the form of retaining water in the leaves, just as it's famous family member the cactus. Something interesting that I learned, is that photosynthesis (capturing the sun's rays and turning it into an energy source for the plant) of succulent plants occur in the stems of the plants, rather than the leaves! (Wikipedia)

The small brook that divides the beach in Melville is starting to close up for the summer and is getting clearer each week.

One of my favourite things about the beach is the long grass that grows to spectacular heights along the sand dunes! Another arid plant that retains water!

Melville has a quite a bit of sand along the shore this year and despite the wind and chilly temperature today, the warmth from the sand is predicting some great beach days in the near future!

I'll leave you with this sunny blue shot to start off your week!

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