Thursday, 26 April 2012

Birthday Cake and a new camera disc

Birthday Cake and a new camera disc
So yesterday I went to take some pictures and found out that my camera discs would not work. My brother attempted to use them in his SLR and they were a no go.

I have always been a fan of Sandisk, but the lock slider was missing on the one above, if this has ever happened to you, try the scotch tape fix (worked for floppy discs back in the day too!). Basically, you take a small piece of scotch tape to cover the slider space to prevent the laser from reading it in your camera/computer, and it should continue to work. Mine unfortunately, was on its last legs. The blue Duracell on the other hand, was just not in the mood to work period. So we took a drive into town and I got a brand new 4G Sandisk to take some new photos!

Today in Melville we are celebrating my brother's 24th birthday! He would not allow my sister and I to make him a chocolate cake - convinced that we could not pull off the same tastebud stimulating goodness as our mother - so a store-bought Chocolate Brownie cake would have to hold him over!

We had a glass of wine to celebrate the occasion and recommend the Ruffino 2008 Chianti if you are looking for some vino tonight with dinner also.

Off to light the candles and sing "Happy Birthday!"

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