Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fossil Finds

Fossil Finds
It has been unbelievably stormy in Melville for the past couple of days! Beachcombing has been next to impossible with the waves breaking hard and high on the sands and the winds have been so gusty that they are shaking the house!

We did manage to get a calm evening the other night and I got a beautiful shot of the sunset across our backyard, you cannot even tell by the picture just how chilly it was that day!

Fossils tell many stories and can be found in just about every part of the world, including our beach in Melville! The ones pictured here were found out along the point a couple of summers ago and preserve what we believe to be a large fern and a bird of some kind.

If you cannott see the bird, take a look in the top left hand corner of the stone and note the small "eye-like" bulge, we interprets this to have been an eye and then you can trace the rest of the skeleton out, moving diagonally down to the right. It does not photograph well and looks more defined off the camera.

These fossils were named the world's best in 2010 and have some interesting stories to accompany them!

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