Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day
Well we did not get any thunder and lightning last night, but it did rain and brought out some flowers just in time for Earth Day! These pretty little yellow flowers of mom's Forcythia, bloomed overnight in the front gardens that border the driveways. 

Further up the road I found some Pussy willows budding out for Earth Day also, signs of spring are everywhere!

Each morning I'm awoken by the melodies of many different birds that surround Melville! Robins, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Seagulls, Sparrows, Pheasants, Hawks, Crows and Herons are just a few that I have seen this week alone. My brother has had the opportunity to see Eagles nesting along the banks down by the beach and Hummingbirds tend to make their appearance a little later in the summer. 

Every year we put out seed for the birds and enjoy their company as they share the bounty from the feeders. They tend to love Niger seed, but all we had left from last year was this mixed seed. It did the trick though, as this little guy made a beeline for the feeders not more than twenty minutes after I filled them.

I am not sure what kind of bird it is, very pretty, brown and white with brown stripes across his eyes, below his beak and above the breast line. It was very quick and would not let me get too close at all! At one point I did take a step too soon and he let out a high shriek of a chirp and summoned another bird of the same kind that flew overhead kind of like a swallow. To say the least, he seemed to be enjoying his Earth Day buffet, because as soon as I left he came back for more! 

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  1. So mom read the blog and said that the name of the bird is a Killdeer, a type of plover common along the shores of Nova Scotia!