Monday, 23 April 2012

Tucker & Ziggy

Tucker & Ziggy visit Melville
On Sunday afternoon my brother arrived in Melville with our other brother's two dogs, Ziggy (a mix breed rescue), pictured above and Tucker (yellow lab/husky mix rescue), who's nose is pictured below!

Melville has always been a welcome place for our four-legged canine friends, and why not? There is lots of space for them to run without leashes, a whole beach for them to play on and tons of wildlife to chase, scare or just sneak up on and watch!

This morning we headed out for some running time and made our way down to the beach. Even though the storm was brewing and it was drizzling a bit, the dogs decided it was a good day for a swim! Despite their pleading begs for me to join them, my rain boots and I stayed perfectly dry on the rocks.

There was not much to do at the beach this morning, most of the shore animals/birds were hiding out the storm and the waves were in so far, that most of the sand was covered and the rocks were a little slick for climbing.

Instead we headed back up to the house and visited Maggie and Tj (Our Brittany Spaniel and Bichon Frise, that passed away a few years ago) before finding an old lobster buoy (boo-ee or boy, depending on your preference, we say boo-ee) to toss around and fetch with. Mom made this tombstone for Mags and Tj using a kit from Walmart, the sea glass is of course, our personal touch!

After tongues were hanging out and the mud was flying everywhere, it was time for some water and likely a nap or two!

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